Francis Turbines

MAT Hydro provide complete range of Francis Turbine with horizontal and vertical shaft. Our product are designed as per customer needs and requirements

Francis turbines are propeller type mix flow water turbine in which water comes to the turbine under immense pressure and the energy is extracted by the runner blades from water. MAT Hydro provide high machine efficiency with cost effective solution to our customers.
Francis turbine are best suited for large flow and medium head applications.

Key Features

  • Adjustable guide vanes
  • Available in vertical and horizontal axis
  • Compact unit size and very cost effective solution
  • Complete Shop assembly and testing for small units
  • One servomotor for all guide vanes regulation for small machines


  • Medium Head Range ( up to 450m)
  • Horizontal and Vertical units
  • Medium water discharge application
  • Better peak load efficiency