Axial Flow Turbine

MAT Hydro provide complete range of Axial Turbine with horizontal shaft. Our product are designed as per customer needs and requirements

Axial turbines flow path is parallel to the axis of rotation. This consists of a concentric hub with radial blades and in built generator.

MAT Hydro provide high machine efficiency with cost effective solution to our customers.

Axial turbine are best suited for very large flow and low head applications
Axial flow units: Bulb turbines, Pit turbine, S Turbine.

Key Features

  • Bulb, Pit turbines results in higher annual energy and lower relative construction costs
  • Straight water passage in draft tube improve overall performance of machine
  • Low submergence of machine reduce size and cost of civil works
  • Good application for season flow variation and limited reservoir volume


  • Head Range (up to 30 m)
  • Horizontal units
  • High water discharge application
  • High full load efficiency