Pelton Turbine

MAT Hydro provide complete range of Pelton Turbine with horizontal and vertical shaft. Our product are designed as per customer needs and requirements

Pelton works on the principle of Impulse ,In this the high velocity jet produced by nozzle is allowed to impinge on the set of bucket fixed on the outer periphery of the runner . MAT Hydro provide high machine efficiency with cost effective solution to our customers.
Pelton turbine are best suited for low flow and high head situations.

Key Features

  • Minimum pressure rise and Cavitation free
  • Adjustable Needle and Deflector
  • Less excavation and simple interface with civil
  • Available in vertical and horizontal axis
  • Complete Shop assembly and testing for small units


  • High Head Range ( up to 1000m)
  • Horizontal and Vertical units
  • Low water discharge application
  • Better part load efficiency